This workshop offers an opportunity to gain an understanding of how to live a better, a more meaningful and a happier life.

You will learn skills and strategies for

  • leading a meaningful and flourishing life
  • achieving behavioural change making better decisions
  • perceiving the world and your lives in a more rational manner
  • finding the things that make you happy

The training

What you will find in this workshop is based on scientific research, but also many years of experience of the trainer. The ideas have been shaped by the work of scholars in the fields of psychology, philosophy, and behavioural economics.

You will leave the workshop with a useful toolkit full of

  • practical information
  • skills that can readily be applied in real life, and
  • questions that will make you explore more about yourself and the good life

During the workshop you will listen, think, feel, ask, watch, speak, and play.

The trainer

This training will be facilitated by Selda Koydemir.

Selda Koydemir holds a Ph.D. in counselling psychology, and is an Honorary Professor in University Bamberg in Germany where she teaches a seminar in positive psychology and collaborates with researchers in joint projects. To date, she has held lecturer and researcher positions in many universities. She has developed and delivered several seminars, workshops, and training programs on topics such as happiness, wellbeing, emotion regulation, and emotional intelligence for various groups of individuals. She is the founder of Research Maze – a research and consultancy firm based in London. She is the author of several scientific articles, book chapters, and a popular self-help book in happiness and wellbeing, and the editor of an award-winning textbook. Please visit her website for more information about her background and her work at

Date and Time

Tuesday October 9, 2018



Anglo Study Center, The Russell Room

Russell Square, Bloomsbury

London, WC1B 4JP


£45 (tax incl.; includes workshop materials and refreshments)

To book your place (max.15 participants):

If you wish to get more info, please email us at