We are a team of researchers integrating psychology with technology.
We are specialised in user research, and using technology to increase wellbeing and solve everyday problems.

| User Research


Our skilled, experienced and enthusiastic team members provide user research and analysis services to help you develop the most efficient, effective, and satisfying products and services.

We make use of psychology, ergonomics and human factors, and design thinking and agile to create cutting-edge user experiences that will help you greatly increase your sales.

Check our start-up weknowusers.com to learn more about our user research services.

| Learning and Development


e offer skill development opportunities for individuals and organizations in the areas of wellbeing, emotional intelligence, psychological health, empathy, and applications of positive psychology in daily and professional life. Our training programmes are designed to help individuals increase their performance and engagement in the workplace. We have a holistic approach to learning and development that includes getting to know the needs of your organization, identifyıng the areas to be improved, designing the best-fitting programme, and delivering the programme in an interactive and engaging way.

| eWellbeing


ur team of psychology researchers work in collaboration with researchers from other fields, software developers, and designers to explore how technology can be used to help individuals solve their daily problems and increase their wellbeing. Some of our current and previous projects are:

  • Web-based and mobile intervention programs aimed at increasing the wellbeing of individuals and organisations.
  • Technology-assistend wellbeing enhancement programs for the elderly.
  • A series of e-books for helping employees increase their emotional intelligence and job satisfaction.

We conduct numerous research studies on related topics in collaboration with universities and research institutions.

| Research Partnership


f you already have a project idea in mind, we would be happy to serve as a partner. We can either help you secure funding, coordinate an already funded project, or provide our research services to assist you in leading your project.

We collaborate with small and medium-sized companies, universities, and research institutions from different countries in joint research projects.

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